Thesis Proposal

Your thesis proposal is a five-to-six paged, double-spaced, typed text that clearly describes your thesis topic, your research methods, and your theoretical or methodological framework. In addition to the planned objective of the project, it should include general information on the content of the different chapters, and an initial substantive bibliography of the primary and secondary sources.

Thesis statement– One sentence that clearly conveys the main idea of your argument.

Method– What is your theoretical framework? What research methods (library research, archival research, observational research, surveys, interviews, etc.) will you use?

Goals– What do you hope to accomplish by writing this? Are you hoping to fill a particular gap in the research of this topic, or to bring a special perspective? What do you hope to show that is different from what has been said before in the conversation on your topic? How do you see your project fitting into the big picture of studies in your chosen discipline? What are you adding to the conversation about the topic?

Summary of content of different chapters