Not an Alternative

Art, Culture, Politics: Radical Interventions in Urban Space

(minute 9:12) “Use art as a framing device to change people’s understanding of the campaign.”

(minute 13:46) Why are we interested in this practice of culturally focused organizing?

Our work is focused at this point where there is an intersection between the movement of the alternative and the commodified form, and that essentially is our field of struggle.

Instead of introducing new symbols, we examine existing ones and point them in a new direction (to transform the meaning of the symbols).

(minute 16:56) Enter into the institutions and articulate a position that could potentially be expressed from within the institution, but is turned on its head and through this inversion, there is a transformation

(minute 18:00) Culturally focused organizing is not about being a new form. It’s highly specific to the context, the time and the place of the intervention and it only exists when it emerges out of that context.

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