Checklist for Master’s Thesis Project


         ______ (Date of completion) Determine intended graduation date.

□         ______ (Date of completion) Before completing 18 credits of class work (or two semesters before intended graduation date), discuss possible topics for the M.A. thesis and the choice of a possible thesis director with the Coordinator for Graduate Studies.

□         ______ (Date of completion) Write a proposal with the guidance of your Thesis Director (two semesters prior to initial enrollment in FLST 699)

□         ______ (Date of completion) Send invitation with proposal to two additional committee members (two semesters prior to initial enrollment in FLST 699)

□         ______ (Date of completion) Fill out Thesis Committee Approval Form

□         ______ (Date of completion) Fill out IRB Inquiry Form. If the project will include human subjects, get IRB approval.

□         ______ Begin writing thesis keeping in mind that the committee members must be given two to three weeks to respond to each section of the document. Throughout the writing process, make sure to follow the NIU thesis guidelines. If you write your thesis in the Target Language, please provide one page abstract in English; if you write it in English, please provide a one page abstract in the Target Language. A Thesis is typically between 50 and 70 pages long.

□         ______ (Date of completion) In consultation with your Committee members, set up the defense date. The defense should take place at least two weeks before the deadline established by the Graduate School to submit the post-defense version of the thesis electronically.

□         ______ (Date of completion) Submit Application for Degree and Request for Oral Defense of Thesis.

□         ______ (Date of completion) At least three weeks prior to the defense date provide each member of the Committee with a copy of the document to be defended. At this time please also deliver to each member of the Committee a list of the classes you took within our department.

□         ______ (Date of completion) Two weeks before the defense you will receive one question from each member of your committee. Based on these questions, prepare for the final examination part of the defense. These questions will deal with select subject matter from the courses you took during your M.A. studies. You will respond orally in the target language to these questions during the defense.

□         ______ (Date of completion) Prepare a 20-25 minute presentation of the thesis in the target language.

□         _____ (Date of completion) Submit post-defense version of your thesis for Graduate School review.