About Me


Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Linguistics, 2006)

M.A. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Hispanic Literature, 2002)

B.A. Carleton College, Northfield, MN (Hispanic Literature, 1992)

I am an Associate Professor of Spanish at Northern Illinois University. My research interests include twentieth- and twenty-first century Spanish Peninsular literature and film, urban studies, cultural geography, and spatial theory.

I see myself as contributing to a significant but underdeveloped body of work in the study of the urban in Spain that seeks to bring together the material with the symbolic (the urban space with the written word). How does the material come together with the symbolic? How does urban space interact with the written word? Can the symbolic be a vehicle through which to create social or political change? These questions lay at the heart of the current debate within Spanish cultural studies over how to approach the study of the urban in Spain. Simply put, I like art and politics and how these two potentially interrelate to create social change and social justice.

My teaching philosophy is patterned after Lee and Vanpatten’s approach, in which the role of the teacher is that of resource person and architect and the role of the student is that of information gatherer and negotiator of meaning. I believe that the teacher should create an environment that allows students to participate in and contribute to their own learning. The encouragement of attitudes of openness and respect for others is really the goal when I create and implement courses. My aim is to promote critical thinking and the ability to tolerate ambiguity through the engagement with various texts. The strategy I use is a task-oriented strategy. I give students articles to read for homework and supply questions that I believe will generate compelling discussions. The questions are not formulated to elicit specific responses. Rather, they are questions that encourage more than one reading of the text.

I am also one of the Associate Editors of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. thank you so much for your research! Unfourtunately, I’ve been searching for information on some pages which were for public view, but they are not any more… don’t you think knowledge of social movements should go on the benefit of social movements? don’t you agree that this gets a difficult task if we have to pay for the information? is there any other way to read your research without paying? thanks a lot

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