new Journal of Urban Cultural Studies volume 2 issue 3 published


Volume 2 Issue 3

Cover Date: September 2015

Alternative geohistories of global cities in Salman Rushdie’s novels
Authors:  Madhumita Roy And  Anjali Gera Roy

Page Start: 221
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Imagine(d) space: Experiencing the urban phenomena of the gallery

Page Start: 237
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Polyrhythmia, heterogeneity and urban identity: Intersections between ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ narratives in the socio-spatial practices of Australia’s Gold Coast
Authors:  Zelmarie Cantillon

Page Start: 253
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Grotland explored: The fleeting urban imaginaries of post-war inner West London
Authors:  Jason Finch

Page Start: 275
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The twentieth-century city: Socialist, capitalist, modern

Page Start: 297
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Online story-telling and the non-fiction city: An interview with Cassim Shepard, Founding Editor of Urban Omnibus
Authors:  Sarah Barns And  Donald McNeill

Page Start: 307
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Touring ethnicity, race…

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