JUCS 1.2 content list [in production]


The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies is pleased to announce the content of issue 1.2, currently in production [podcast interview with Ben Jefferson is already available on this site here, interview with Maja Klausen is forthcoming, free content from issue 1.1 available here]

[full abstracts follow the short content list]


New Jerusalems: Derek Walcott’s poetics of the Caribbean city [BEN THOMAS JEFFERSON, University of Essex]

Re-enchanting the city: Hybrid space, affect and playful performance in geocaching, a location-based mobile game [MAJA KLAUSEN, University of Southern Denmark]

The projection on the wall: What audiovisual architectural mapping says about Catalan identity [STEPHEN LUIS VILASECA, Northern Illinois University]

Richard Price’s Lower East Side: Cops, culture, and gentrification [THOMAS HEISE, McGill University]

Colonial modernity and urban space: Naguib Mahfouz’s Cairo [BEDE SCOTT, Nanyang Technological University]

The London 2012 Olympics: The cultural politics of urban regeneration [MICHAEL SILK, University of Bath]


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