The oXcars – The Greatest Free/Libre Culture Show of All Times


banner_X_960_castOctober 24-25, 2013 (ex EXGAE) defends free culture and neutrality on the Internet, theorizes technopolitics for social organization, and promotes radical democracy in the digital era. It also organizes the oXcars, the greatest free/libre culture show of all times, and the FCForum, an international free culture forum.

The oXcars makes a clear reference to The Oscars, a highly competitive U.S. awards show, not to pay homage to it, but to critique it. The oXcars parodies The Oscars in order to question the value of fomenting a world of egotistical competitors. “The First Non-Competitive Awards in the History of Culture” embraces a spirit of cooperation, sharing, and co-production. Creativity should not be self-interested (And the Oscar goes to …) nor should it financially serve only a few. According to and FCForum, access to culture should not be restricted. In the following video in English and with English subtitles, Simona Levi of at 28C3 – the 28th Chaos Communication Conference – explains the origins of the oXcars and the Spanish political and cultural context from which it was born as well as shows some highlights from the event. Very entertaining!!


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