2nd Mural Festival at Escocesa Art Factory in Barcelona

These are pictures I took at the Escocesa Art Factory in 2008 when I visited it with KRAX.

Various featured artists will be painting new murals for the 2nd Mural Festival this week, September 25-29, 2013.

2nd Mural Festival at Escocesa

The Escocesa Art Factory has an interesting story. It forms part of the Fábricas de Creación project in which six industrial factories were transformed into spaces for artistic creation: Fabra i Coats in Sant Andreu, Hangar and La Escocesa in Poblenou, La Seca in Ciutat Vella, Illa Philips in La Marina and La Central del Circ at the Fòrum. La Central del Circ is dedicated to circus, La Seca to theater, Illa Philips to dance, Hangar and La Escocesa to visual arts, and Fabra i Coats to music. The factories provide social centers, spaces for artists, public housing, private lofts and offices. La Escocesa is owned by the Barcelona City Council, but is self-managed by a collective known as L’Associació d’Idees.


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