Barcelonan Okupas: Squatter Power! is Released

Barcelonan Okupas book cover

Sept.13, 2013

Are you interested in the complex nature of political action, protest and social transformation in the twenty-first century? In Barcelonan Okupas: Squatter Power! (202 pp., $70), Stephen Luis Vilaseca explores the creative activism of Spanish squatters known as okupas and how they are modeling a positive social vision based on cooperation and sharing. It is the first book to combine close-readings of the representations of okupas with the study of everyday life, built environment, and city planning in Barcelona.

Because Barcelonan Okupas: Squatter Power! brings together diverse fields of inquiry—urban cultural studies, cultural geography, literary studies, film studies, communication studies, affect theory, anarchism, autonomist Marxism, and affinity groups—as well as an interdisciplinary framework, it will appeal to both scholars and students working in these fields. In addition, it will be of interest to general readers because it contains a concluding chapter on the influence of the okupas in the United States.

ISBN 978-1-61147-628-6

Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

For orders please contact

Rowman & Littlefield

800-462-6420 •

To arrange an interview or guest lecture, please contact Stephen Luis Vilaseca at



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