Edible Estate #15

From Lawn to Garden (photos from Walker Art Center site http://blogs.walkerart.org/ecp/2013/06/10/from-lawn-to-garden-edible-estate-15/)

I’m always looking for projects that incorporate a type of commoning with community engagement. California artist Fritz Haeg in his garden/art project “Edible Estates” criticizes the move away from the street as exemplified in the architectural displacement of the porch in the suburbs from the front of the house to the back. To reinvigorate community and the practice of commoning, Haeg moves the garden from the backyard to the front and asks the question: “What if you grew food instead of a front lawn?”

after Edible Estate #15

Front lawn after gardening

The pictures say it all. You go from an empty space to a space of encounter. Neighbors are encouraged to help, and all food is shared.


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