Christina Rosenvinge: “I despise money”

“Everything that I have done has been principally due to the fact that I despise money…because money is what enslaves you. To be free in this life you have to be able to live in a state of precariousness…”CHRIST~1

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Given that the above statement was spoken by a pop singer/songwriter from the comforts of a 4-star hotel, skepticism of the sincerity of the affirmation is a logical reaction. However, it is both astonishing and positive that the rhetoric of the radical left is seeping into Spanish mainstream culture. Rosenvinge’s comment reflects a growing concern over what a free society looks like. Is the present form of democracy working? Even though Rosenvinge may or may not live what she avows, at least her words have the potential to challenge the core beliefs of some of her fans and open up the space of what is discussible.


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