Extra Yarn and Yarn Bombing

extra yarn 2

I just recently read Extra Yarn, a children’s story about Annabelle, a little girl who finds a magic box with an endless supply of yarn. She not only knits sweaters for herself, but also for trucks, trees, mailboxes and whatever she finds in public space. Her engagement with her environment is unexpected because inanimate objects do not normally wear sweaters.  Her questioning of accepted behavior in public space and actions (what would be deemed vandalism) eventually transform her dull community into a colorful, more vibrant one. Why is Annabelle’s activity idealized in fiction, but criminalized in reality?

A real-life Annabelle, Magda Sayeg, practices yarn bombing, the tagging of public space with yarn. As the two images above attest, like Annabelle, she has even knitted a sweater for a bus.

Other examples of yarn bombing can be found here.


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