A Documentary and a Tattoo


THE HUMAN RIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL OF BARCELONA (May 16-26) brings together art and activism. The impetus behind the event is, accordng to its website, “to show films that make us think, awaken our conscience, denounce injustice and reflect the social and cultural diversity of humanity.” If you feel inspired to take action in defense of human rights after viewing one of the more than 100 films, the festival provides an interesting art project, the Human Rights Tattoo, with which to participate.

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The complete text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains 6773 letters. The goal of the Human Rights Tattoo art project is to find 6773 people willing to have one letter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights tattooed on their corresponding bodies. An individual action, the tattooing of an single letter, and the personal story behind it only makes complete sense when connected with the other letters and people. The individual and community become entangled and indistiguishable. According to Human Rights Tattoo, “having a letter of the Human Rights Declaration means you are reminded of yours and everybody else’s rights. It is a way of putting your signature under the Declaration of Human Rights only this time a piece of the document is signed on you. You will carry it with you. For the rest of your life.”

Talk about making texts come alive!!


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